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Boney Maroneys!

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Excerpts From The Past....

Issue #1, December 1999

My Greatest investment...

I need to step back in time to 1974. For some unknown reason my MASTERCARD worked and I was in the mood to spend!
It was time for me to buy a new guitar. Not that I could play well, but you see if you buy quality you just sound better.
I decided I would go to Rondo Music in Hillside NJ, and purchase a then new to the market type instrument made by Ovation. Constructed of wood and plastic, with a unique sound and great looks.

I asked the BEST dam guitar player I knew to help me out..
John Korba...
John was happy to take the trip to Rondo Music with me. he wasn't real pleased on my idea of what I wanted. He told me plastic and wood didn't a great combo for a long lasting, great sounding guitar.
We entered Rondo a huge Guitar/Music store on route 22.
John went right to the Martin rack picked up a model D-18 and began playing. Within seconds a crowd started to build around John as he picked and played, testing his choice of guitars. A fine instrument...
His choice so I bought it.. price in 1974- $325.
Today the same guitar starts on ebay auctions at the $1500. mark, and climbs upward from there!
Im not sellin so dont ask!

Thank you John!

John was a vital part of my "mental music growth", while growing up in Union County NJ. He was and I am sure still is one of the Best entertainers around. I watched John transform from a folk-rock singer, into a "Lounge Lizard" piano player, than back again into the folk-rock mode.
I loved Johns entertainment and started booking him gigs at places i found suitable..Most memorable would be THE BLINKER INN in Gilette NJ.
Im sure this isnt the last about John...


DAN HICKS AND HIS HOT LICKS - Towne Crier, Pawling NY-4/27/01

Dan was absolutely as GREAT as expected. Playing old time favorites as well as music from the new album.
He struck home on quite a few songs from the past.
Besides being hillarious..
If Dans back in the area anytime soon I would suggest getting tickets as soon as advertised. They go fast.

A brief intermission put me outside for some air, and I got to mingle a little with other HOT LICKS lovers.
I met a dude from Fairfield CT, that kinda came along for the ride. He had never heard of Dan Hicks previous to getting invited and loved the show. He made an interesting comment I thought might be nice to share..
" This is the only way to experience this kind of music-live", he said.
I couldnt agree-- 99% of the audience had never seen the band play a live venue before, but were BIG fans for the last 20 years. explain that one!



Having been to the venue previously we had learned the best seats go to the dinner crowd.. so thus we booked in for the featured "southwestern culinary delights" a couple hours before showtime.
We were greeted at the door and escorted to our seats.( 3 chairs from stage) seated family style at a long table with other DAN fans.
About 5 minutes later, the club owner came over with a group of people, and asked our last name. It seemed the group of people had the same last name, and it was a party of 7! (not 2). so we got moved.. next table over.
However this added something-a twist!
NOW we were sitting in a group of 9- all with the same last name! ahh new found friends!
This "same name tribe" came by limo, from Milford CT to catch the show. It was a memorial to a close friend, husband to one, that had passed on 2 yrs a ago. Their biggest DAN fan..
Upon talking to his wife, I found he and I shared a lot of similarities in musical tastes.
He was the "annoying" one , who put DAN on the record player during get-togethers and parties. (Naturally our spouses would have much prefered Billy Joel or the Beatles).
He knew how to promote music by getting 1 fan at a time.
2 yrs gone- 7 new fans!

This is truly a great album, click on the link- listen to a few sample cuts and buy directly from Surfdog, the record label. Its a MUST for your library. Listen and find out why!

Singer-Songwriter Fred Neil passed away July 7th weekend age 65..

Most famous for writing the Midnight Cowboy theme, Harry Neilsen classic "Everbodys Talkin".
Fred just happened to be what I would consider a true blues artist. I picked up an anthology of Fred music a few years ago.

It was a time in life that our dog, Murphy,was having troubles with old age, and we were going thru a rough period.
When Murphy passed on we couldnt listen to Fred without the thoughts of Murphy and his last days. Its been a few years now, Bentley has been filling in fine as the house dog, but we will always love our pet of 17 years, Murphy-Prince of Aspetuck.
Its still hard listening to Fred.
Remember Fred was a fine bluesman, legendary and very much worth the space in your CD music library.

The Dolphin Song, perhaps my all time Fred song touches the soul. "Ive been searching for the dolphins in the sea, and sometimes I wonder do you ever think of me...."
"This world may never change......"
Hear it at
We will miss Fred. Keep the spirit alive...

Fairtheewell Fred- Hear the Dolphin song Click here...


What a night! Had a blast!
It was my pleasure to finally (after 20 yrs of fan-dom), have the opportunity to enjoy LIVE DAN!
A SPECIAL thanks goes out to Dan and Surfdog Music for making it possible. And thanks to the venue, the Towne Crier,a great place for the best in music and outstanding food.

Rickie Lee Jones

Visit Rickies OFFICIAL site!



All I can say is WOW. She is better than ever! She sings renditions from Hoagey Carmicheal and Gershwin, that tug on your heart, songs we knew as kids, and thought we forgot.

Covers of Lennon/McCartney, Steve Windwood, Marvin Gaye, and Becker/ Fagan., (just to drop a couple names)..
Timeless classics.

Album cuts: (NOT in order)











see what I mean? Classics all done up-Rickie Lee style.

Joined by some special people including JOE JACKSON, DAN HICKS, TAJ MAHAL,JOHN PIZZARELLI, AND PETER ERSKINE( to name a few).
FAVORITE ALBUM OF 2000, hands down

Required listening- Visit Amys site and listen to her latest release," Keep it to yourself".
I heard the song on a few times and was taken away..and Im sure you will be too.

Introducing Amy Rigby.jpg


Mr TROPACOOL and Capt BOB heading out for a perfect day of Florida sunshine and fishing.
I fondly remember this day. Bob had just gotten his Captains license the day before we arrived, and was excited about his first "charter fishin excursion"!
Bob made sure I caught fish! He knew just where to go for certain species such as Grouper and Bonefish,( My 2 favorite catches of the day).

thanks for the visit!

Our prayers are with George, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

CD includes some new stuff from George..Click on the pic to enter the "All Things" site to hear cuts and read more..


George Harrison recently passed away at age 58.
George was my favorite Beatle. His music and legacy will live on forever, in the hearts of his fans and loved ones.

We love you George and know you are at peace.

Concert to benefit Bangaladesh. Fond memories and GREAT SEATS! Billy Preston, playing keyboards with his toes added a special touch!


Subj: Reply To: David Emery, Urban Legends: From: Former U.S. Department of Ju...
Date: 6/6/2001 2:04:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Angls4Hope
To: Angls4Hope
BCC: PappaWoody009

Ok folks.....this is one of my projects....I have been helping in the fight against Aspartame (nutra-sweet) for many years, as I too suffered from Aspartame poisoning. Thank GOD I had the proper treatment to rid my body of this chemical, but I still have some problems.

You may share this with everyone you know to let them know this is REAL. Ed Johnson, former US Assistant Attorney General for the United States is helping in this travesty. This is a serious matter and lots of FRAUD by the FDA, etc., etc., has been committed...Mr Johnson feels that the class actions suits will be bigger than the tobacco industry scandal. Mr Johnson was forced to retire his legal profession, due to brain tumors caused by Aspartame. David Emery at and who have claimed this is an urban legend will be named in the suit. PLEASE if you are drinking diet ANYTHING stop immediately, I'm begging you. Enough is enough...our government has lied and
Mr Ed. Johnson is stepping forward.

Please feel free to write to Betty Martini regarding any questions you might have. Also, if you know of anyone who has suffered from Aspartame (nutrasweet) please have them contact Betty immediately. The attorneys are gearing up and will be looking for people injured to join in this class action suit.

Angel Huggzz
Linda or Angel
Forwarded Message:

Subj: Fwd: Reply To: David Emery, Urban Legends: From: Former U.S. Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorney Ed Johnson --- --- Dated: 6/4//01. (Open Letter with permission to Publish)
Date: 6/5/2001 12:45:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Betty Martini)
CC: (David Emery), (snopes), (Robert C. Mehl)

Mr. Ashcroft,

This is a note from a former Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorney
to Urban Legends who is misinforming the world that the aspartame issue is
a hoax. This comes under Title 18, Section 1001 of the Criminal Law
Code. If laws are written they must be for everyone. You can't allow this
to go on misleading the public. One man got deathly ill because he went
back to using aspartame because of the Urban Legends web site, Robert Mehl.

Mr. Ashcroft, you represent the law in this country and I petition you at
this time to stop the misinformation web sites, such as Urban Legends and
Snopes. One of the worst is Quackwatch run by Dr. Stephen Barrett. He is
on the Board of the American Council for Health and Science, a front group,
funded by such people as Dow, Searle, Monsanto, National Soft Drink
Association and Coke. For this reason they defend aspartame as safe. H.
J. Roberts, M.D. has declared Aspartame Disease to be a world plague and
his medical text over 1000 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 is about ready to be released
through or by calling 1 800 814 - 9800.

I am sending a copy of this to the media of the world so they will stop
publishing these web sites. Some media have advertising funding from
Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi, etc., and use these web sites to defend their
advertisers. This must stop immediately. People like Davie Emery, Dr.
Stephen Barrett and David with Snopes are in violation of Title 18, Section
1001 of the Criminal Code. I petition you to immediately stop these
misinformation mills under this law. of this country. Dr. Barrett has a
Health Fraud which is nothing but a protector of industry and advocacy
group against alternative medicine. He often sues those who expose them
such as Ilena Rosenthal who has a support to help the women sick and
disfigured from breast implants. The ACHS is funded by Dow so Dr. Barrett
has sued Ilena Rosenthal. He is also trying to sue a journalist who has
exposed him.

What is this country coming to when misinformation mills are allowed to
exist and mislead the public and persecute those who are trying to get the
truth to the people of the world. They are a scandal in this country and
their misinformation can cause death to those who believe them.

Aspartame is so deadly that it even damages the hypothalamus of the
brain. Read Aspartame, MSG and other excitotoxins and the Hypothalamus by
Russell Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon. He explains why people are now
dropping dead from aspartame. He is author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That
Kills (1 505 474 -0303) It is such a brilliant book that exposes the fact
that someone on Health Fraud was trying to get someone to debunk it because
they didn't know how to go against these scientific facts. Excitotoxins:
The Taste That Kills should have received a Pulitzer for getting out life
saving information to benefit the world. It has saved the lives of
thousands of people and educated the public on excitotoxins. It was the
famed John Olney, M.D. who founded the field of neuroscience called
excitotoxicity. He did the research on aspartic acid, 40% of aspartame, in
l970 and found that it caused lesions in the brains of mice. He told
Searle, the original manufacturer but they did not tell the FDA until after
it was approved. So the public is consuming aspartame made up of aspartic
acid, an excitotoxin, methanol, a neurotoxin, and phenylalanine as an
isolated at 50% a neurotoxin. To make matters worse aspartame breaks to
diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent. This chemical poison is so deadly
that it can murder millions of babies in their mother's womb.

Dr. James Bowen who wrote Aspartame Murders Infants in violation of Title
18, of the Domestic Genocide Code ( said: "At every point
in the fertility process Aspartame destroys beginning with the gleam in Mom
and Pop's eyes. It ruins female sexual response and induces male sexual
dysfunction. Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by aborting
it or inducing defects. And if a live child is born aspartame may have
heinously damaged the DNA of the baby, curing future generations."

When you DNA you can destroy the human race. I ask that you take immediate
action under Title 18, Section 1001, to stop the misinformation mills from
misleading the public and possibly causing their death.

Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible
International, 770 242-2599

>Reply-To: "Ed Johnson" <>
>From: "Ed Johnson" <>
>To: "David Emery, Urban Legends" <>
>Cc: "Betty Martini" <>,
> "David Snopes, Urban Legends" <>
>Subject: Reply To: David Emery, Urban Legends: From: Former U.S.
>Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorney Ed Johnson --- --- Dated:
>Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 22:15:29 -0500
>X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200
>Dear David,
>Thank you for your reply to my message of June 4, 2001 in which I
>expressed my great concerns that your website warns everyone who checks it
>that all warnings on the <> website and
>others about the consumption of aspartame are a Hoax. That's what your
>website does! It's clear intent and purpose is to warn people of internet
>hoaxes!! That's the general understanding I have. I use your website to
>identify Internet Hoaxes , and such is the case of everyone I know who
>wants to check out if something on the internet is valid or a hoax. In
>Texas we talk straight and don't say and do one thing and deny we are
>saying and doing it. That's exactly what you are doing. You are publishing
>that all the aspartame alert information a Hoax, and deny that you are
>doing it. As such, you prove yourself to be a Hoax in the truest sense.
>In fact, I have your site indexed under "Hoax Website" in my email index,
>and have sent it out many times to others who have unknowingly sent me
>internet hoaxes by email (e.g. the Madeline Murray O'Hare hoax that "she
>is petitioning the FCC to remove Christian Programming from Radio and
>Television."). Now that story is truly a hoax indeed! As further
>illustration, I have been contacted by phone and email by individuals from
>all over the world, asking me if my aspartame story published on
><> is a hoax, solely because of what
>appears on your Urban Legends Website. I sent you a copy of my story and
>my research in my email of 6/4/01.
>David, on a matter as serious and indeed life threatening as the use of
>the deadly neurotoxin, aspartame, which is certainly a matter upon which
>there is considerable but diametrically opposed educated opinions from men
>and women of high education, experience, character, and integrity,
>including Medical Doctors such as H.J. Roberts,M.D. who is about to
>publish a 1,000 medical textbook on Aspartame Poisoning, and who has
>labeled aspartame poisoning as "A Worldwide Plague", and who was named by
>his peers as one of "The Best Doctors in the United States", and the late
>Dr. M. Adrian Gross, former Senior FDA Toxicologist, who testified before
>Congress that "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, Aspartame Causes Brain Tumors."
>Other very prominent physicians who have written books and Peer Reviewed
>Papers on Aspertame Disease are: James Bowen,M.D., John Olney, M.D., and
>Russell Blaylock, M.D.
>As a matter of fact, "60 Minutes" aired a big National Expose on the
>dangers of aspartame in December 1996, and showed a chart clearly showing
>that the incidence of brain tumors in the U.S. had risen in direct
>proportion to the increase in aspartame usage since it was allowed by the
>FDA in 1981. And that certainly is an indisputable fact!! And Not a Hoax
>or an Urban Legend!!"
>David, since so many qualified medical professionals have taken the
>position that aspartame is indeed life threatening, and have published
>Peer Reviewed Articles and Medical Textbooks to document those facts, then
>I must again ask you, why do you continue to publish that "aspartame
>warning websites" and articles as Hoaxes on your Urban Legends Website
>when you clearly gave all the greater weight of facts clearly to the
>contrary? You cannot continue to maintain "that you take no position on
>the issue" or that you "are not anti-aspartame", when the issue is clearly
>and unmistakably listed as a Hoax on YOUR Urban Legends Website!! The fact
>is, you are publishing misingormation and thereby causing great harm to
>others around the workd. For this you are and will be held responsible and
>As a further illustration of how people clearly believe that Urban Legends
>portrays Aspartame Warning Websites as Hoaxes, below is an email I just
>received from a gentleman in London, England clearly indicating that
>people logically and reasonably believe and conclude that, by the simple
>fact that all websites and internet messages containing aspartame warnings
>are included on your Urban Legends Website as being a Hoax, that all
>internet warnings on aspartame, are indeed a "Hoax." If you want to be
>truly fair and truthful, and not take a position one way or the other, as
>your reply tells me, why don't you just not take a position on it and
>de-list aspartame warning websites from your Hoax Website?!! Because
>that's precisely what your website is, all statements to the contrary
>notwithstanding. Now see below the red portion of the email I just
>received from a gentleman in London, England.
>Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.(Ret.)
>Former Asst. U.S. Attorney
>Aspartame Survivor of 2 brain surgeries for an aspartame induced brain
>tumor. Thanks to misinformation on the safety of this deadly neurotoxin
>that kills.
>ps:How does it feel David? I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when your
>day of reckoning comes- and it certainly will. Is it worth it?
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Arthur McBryan
>To: <>
>Cc: ASN(UK)
>Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 2:02 AM
>Subject: Your letter to Mrs. Martini sent to BBC
>Dear Ed,
>I hope you don't mind but I have sent you exchange with Mrs. Martini to
>the British BBC and to Lucy Johnson of the Express on Sunday newspaper.
>The "Urban Legend" thing is of great concern to us as we were interviewed
>recently by the BBC's Woman's Hour program and they opened up the article
>with a reference to the "Urban Legend" website and that aspartame
>poisoning is just a big hoax.
>{See What I Mean David? Ed} We were then interviewed and asked how
>aspartame caused mood changes and other depressive symptoms in me and why
>we started the website
>Your exchange with Mrs. Martini is now carried on that website in the
>comments from the user list pages.
>I have copied this email to Geoff Brewer of the UK Additives Survivors
>Network (<>
>Every blessing
>Arthur McBryan
>----- Original Message -----
>From: David Emery
>To: Ed Johnson <<>>
>Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 4:00 PM
>Subject: Re: From: Former U.S. Department of Justice Assistant U.S.
>Attorney Ed Johnson --- To: David Emery, Urban Legends --- Dated: 5/28/01.
>Thank you for writing.
>Please forgive the following generic answer, but it has become my firm
>policy never to respond personally to messages containing spurious threats
>of prosecution and/or allegations that I am a member of some conspiracy
>aiming to decimate humankind for the sake of aspartame's
>profitablity. It's absurd and insulting, and I have much better things to
>do with my time than respond to these individually.
>To those writing to complain that I have wrongly declared the
>anti-aspartame position a "hoax," be aware that I have never done so. I
>know only too well that the word "hoax" is bandied about on the Internet
>ad nauseam, but for the most part it's by people who have no understanding
>of the term's strict meaning. A hoax consists of -intentionally-
>deceptive material. Therefore -- because I have always operated under the
>assumption that Betty Martini, David Rietz, Mark Gold, et al are
>completely sincere in their campaign against aspartame -- I have never
>labeled it a "hoax," and never would.
>I have, however, described it as misinformative and martialed the
>testimony of various experts to back that assessment up.
>To those who honestly believe that aspartame is harmful to them... by all
>means it's -your- choice to stop using the stuff! It's not in my
>bailiwick to recommend for -or- against it. So why did I write about the
>issue back in 1999? Because the widely circulated "Nancy Markle" letter
>-- as a forwarded email -- fell under my beat. Had the "Markle" letter
>not been circulated in this way and had it not contained so many wild
>exaggerations and misleading, unsupportable statements, I would have never
>have had reason to deal with the topic at all. I am not, by any means, a
>pro-aspartame crusader.
>I strongly encourage everyone to whom the topic is important to read the
>information on both sides and make up their -own- minds about it. Even
>more strongly, I encourage them to do so -with- the counsel of their
>physicians. And, on general principle, I strongly DIScourage everyone
>from believing or acting upon any medical information they receive by
>forwarded email unless they have verified what they've read with their
>doctor first. We all know that big corporations and big governments
>sometimes lie and/or make erroneous, unsupportable statements. But it's
>important to remember that ordinary, well-meaning folks who pass medical
>information around by email do, too.
>I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage anyone who believes they have
>serious medical conditions resulting from aspartame consumption to solicit
>the help of their doctor to -scientifically document- the chemical's
>possible causative role (including ruling out other possible causes), so
>there will be more objective evidence on record. If you are among those
>who believe from your own experience that there is a case to be made
>against aspartame, then diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and documentation
>of aspartame's relation to your condition by a physician will be of vastly
>more help to your cause than any number of self-diagnosed complaints.
>And it will most certainly be of more help than trying to bully others who
>disagree with you into silence.
>Best regards,
>David Emery
>*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********
>On 5/28/01 at 11:26 PM Ed Johnson wrote:
> >Dear David,
> >
> > My General
> >Background
> > I am a former U.S. Dept. of Justice Attorney and a former Assistant U.S.
> >Attorney, having served as a Federal Briefing Attorney for two years with
> >U.S. District Judge John H. Wood, Jr., and for over four years with the
> >former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, the former Chief
> >Judge For The Western District of Texas, and the former Director of the
> >FBI , William S. Sessions. I was named one of the Outstanding Assistant
> >U.S. Attorneys in the U.S. by the Attorney General of the Unites States,
> >and was President of the San Antonio Federal Bar Association when it was
> >named Outstanding Chapter in 14 Nations, and served for three years as as
> >a Member of the Federal Practice Licensing Committee for the Western
> >District of Texas. I have represented three former U.S. Presidents in the
> >U.S. District Courts, and numerous other High Ranking Federal Officials,
> >including Cabinet Members, and Federal Judges. My extensive biography is
> >published in Who's Who In The World, Who's Who In American Law, Who's Who
> >In America, Who's Who In the South and Southwest, and in Who's Who In
> >Industry and Finance. I have served as the Co-Chairman of Fund Raising for
> >the American Heart Association, and served for 3 years as a Director of
> >the American Cancer Society. Until I retired in January 2000, for medical
> >reasons, I served for the last 11 years as the Founding and the Name
> >Senior Managing Shareholder, and President and CEO of one of the Top 25
> >Lawfirms (as published in the SA Business Journal's "Book of Lists") in
> >San Antonio,Texas, the Eighth Largest City in the United States.
> >
> > The Basic
> >Facts
> > Because of misinformation published and advertised concerning the safety
> >and advisability of using aspartame products in diet drinks and other food
> >products, I became a heavy consumer of aspartame and food products,
> >especially Diet Cokes, sweetened by aspartame products (e.g."NutriSweet"
> >and "Equal"), and as a direct and proximate result of my aspartame
> >consumption, developed a brain tumor. I was operated on twice to remove a
> >brain tumor, in December 1996 and again in July 1998, and underwent daily
> >radiation treatments for two months in 1997. Yes, in the words of a former
> >Senior Toxicologist for the FDA, Dr. Adrian M. Gross: "Beyond a shadow of
> >a doubt, aspartame causes brain tumors." This was stated in his testimony
> >before the U.S. Congress and was permanently memorialized, documented, and
> >published on August 1, l985 in The Congressional Record.
> >
> > Class Actions Are
> >Currently Brewing
> > I am sure that there are currently several class actions of some
> >magnitude being prepared against the willful purveyors of misinformation,
> >the manufacturer of aspartame, and others who are part of the conspiracy,
> >by New York and Los Angeles lawfirms which specialize in large class
> >actions.
> >
> > The
> >Question
> > I have read a copy of Ms. Betty Martini's email to you of May 24, 2001
> >at 11:30am, and I must ask you the same question she asked of you: Why are
> >you, David, consciously, willfully, and deliberately putting out
> >misinformation on aspartame? Yes - deliberately and with full knowledge of
> >the dire and extremely harmful medical consequences that this
> >misinformation is in fact causing, including the deaths of unsuspecting
> >mothers, fathers, and children. In my case, it almost resulted in my death
> >(twice) during two brain tumor surgeries which resulted in my inability to
> >practice law after 30 years and while in the prime of my earning years. I
> >feel so strongly about this issue that I have written an article on the
> >undeniable and irrefutable fact that "aspartame causes brain tumors beyond
> >a shadow of a doubt", which is now published on over 400 websites
> >worldwide. The information contained in this article is copied below,
> >along with my preliminary message to Ms. Betty Martini.
> >
> > At some point, your conscience
> >must overrule.
> > I know that you have a conscience, and at some point, your conscience
> >must overrule the disservice and harm that you are now an integral part
> >of, in causing great physical and mental harm, and even death, in the
> >lives of hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting mothers, fathers, and
> >children each year who believe that "the worldwide plague, aspartame," is
> >safe to use, or that the warnings of the dangers of aspartame are "just a
> >hoax" as you and your website, and those aiding and abetting and otherwise
> >acting in concert with you are publishing on your website.
> >
> > The Worldwide Aspartame Plague is Not A Hoax
> >And You Know It
> > It is not a hoax, David, and you know it full well. You are fully and
> >consciously knowledgeable of the misinformation that you and your website,
> >Urban Legends, puts out concerning aspartame, and as such, you and anyone
> >else who is acting in concert with you and otherwise aiding and abetting
> >in this conspiracy of willful and malicious misinformation, will be held
> >accountable, just as the tobacco companies and their officers have been
> >and still are being held accountable for the knowing misinformation they
> >put out for years, knowing full well that they were causing the deaths,
> >and painful suffering, of millions of people who believed them. The scene
> >is the same, the names of the death dealers and their instruments of death
> >and family destruction are different. You certainly cannot claim
> >ignorance; The mounting and escalating evidence is far too compelling and
> >overwhelming. So, what is your motivation?
> >
> > "A hint to the wise is sufficient." Ben Franklin.
> > "Let him who has ears hear." The Bible.
> >
> > Sincerely Yours,
> >
> > Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty. (Retired)
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> > To: Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International
> > From: Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.(Retired)
> > Sent: July 4, 2000
> > Re: Narrative Report of Facts Establishing "Aspartame As A Major Cause
> >of Brain Tumors" --- "Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt."---
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> >
> > Dear Betty,
> > As you know, I served as the first Briefing Attorney to U.S. District
> >Judge John H. Wood, Jr. I have a background as a U.S. Department of
> >Justice Attorney, and served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western
> >District of Texas under William S. Sessions, who later became the Director
> >of the FBI.
> >
> > I am privileged to have my biography published in "Who's Who in The
> >World", "In America", "In American Law", "In The South & Southwest", "In
> >Industry & Finance", and "Among Top Executives". Over the last 30 years I
> >have owned and/or been General Counsel for several oil companies,
> >securities companies, and investment banking firms.
> >
> > For the last 10 years I have served as founder, President and CEO of one
> >of the larger lawfirms in the eighth largest city in America, which does
> >casualty, products liability, and medical and legal malpractice defense
> >for some of the largest insurance companies, Fortune 500 Corporations, and
> >trucking companies in America. I served for three years on the Federal
> >Licensing Committee for the Western District of Texas, and was President
> >of the San Antonio Chapter of The Federal Bar Association when it was
> >named the Outstanding Chapter in the World in two categories: Outstanding
> >Programs, and Membership Growth.
> >
> > As you also know, due to my heavy ingestion of aspartame (NutraSweet &
> >Equal) in my food and Diet Drinks - mainly Diet Cokes (thinking I was
> >"prudently and wisely watching my weight and health"), over the years
> >since the FDA allowed it to be placed in foods and drinks, I developed a
> >brain tumor (pituitary adenoma), which has required two life threatening
> >surgeries, and daily radiation therapy for two months. The reasons for my
> >belief that aspartame caused my brain tumor will become apparent as you
> >read on.
> >
> > The combination of all of this has severely disabled my ability to
> >perform executive functions and to "input" and thus "recall" facts, to the
> >point that I was finally forced to retire from the practice of law in
> >January of 2000,at the age of 55. Now, unless something is written down,
> >and I'm looking at it, I cannot recall it. Not the type of a condition for
> >an attorney to have! I now have to carry a detailed planner with all sorts
> >of back-up systems to keep a schedule of even the simplest things.
> >However, I am grateful to be alive, and not among those who have not
> >survived "Aspartame Disease".
> >
> > Short term memory loss, or more accurately in my case,"memory input
> >deficit", is one of the known and classic symptoms of aspartame disease,
> >and one of the known residual effects of radiation therapy that my
> >treating radiologist warned me would most probably occur after the
> >treatments, which were concluded over3 years ago. A medical evaluation was
> >recently done, and the opinion of the evaluating doctor was that "due to
> >the long period of time since the initial surgery and radialtion therapy,
> >it is improbable that a spontaneous recovery will occur." I am scheduled
> >to have an MRI within the next few days to determine whether the brain
> >tumor (2.4 cm in size) has regenerated since the last surgery. I still am
> >in the shadow of "Aspartame Disease".
> >
> > Since December l996, when I saw an expose on aspartame (NutraSweet &
> >Equal) on the national television program, "60 Minutes", I have researched
> >the dangers and symptoms of aspartame, primarily through your website, and
> >the website <>, through independent
> reading in books, medical
> >journals, and through your daily information updates to your website and
> >others, and your daily aspartame case history reports. I have personally
> >found an increasing number of people who have had brain tumors and brain
> >surgeries either themselves and/or in their family and/or circle of
> >friends and acquaintances.
> >
> > The "60 Minutes" television program, which aired in December of l996,
> >pointed out that the alarming and significant rise in brain tumors in the
> >United States has been in direct proportion to the rise in the use of
> >aspartame in the United States since aspartame was allowed to be
> >introduced into foods and beverages by the FDA around l981. After viewing
> >that program, I have not touched a food product or diet drink containing
> >aspartame! Prior to that I drank a huge number of Diet Cokes daily, and
> >sweetened most all my foods and beverages with it.
> >
> > Below is a Narrative Report of facts which I believe not only strongly
> >support, but prove the fact, that in the words of the late Dr. M. Adrian
> >Gross, a former Senior FDA toxicologist, "beyond a shadow of a doubt,
> >aspartame causes brain tumors (and cancer)". You will recognize many of
> >the statements in the summary, because they came largely from sources that
> >you yourself have researched and frequently quoted in your daily aspartame
> >reports, and are also to be found in The Congressional Record, and in
> >medical reports quoted and found on the website
> <>, and in
> >several of the books on the subject by world renowned medical doctors, who
> >have thoroughly researched this subject. As the time honored Latin Legal
> >Doctrine states:
> >
> > "Res Ipsa Loquitor" - "The Thing Speaks
> >For Itself."
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.(Retired)
> > Tel: 210- 492- 2299
> > Fax: 210- 492- 6024
> > <>
> >
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> > (See Narrative
> >Report Below:)
> >
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> >
> >
> > "Aspartame (aka "Nutrasweet" & "Equal") Causes
> >Brain Tumors"
> > -----"Beyond a
> >Shadow of a Doubt"-----
> >
> > (Quote:The Late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, PhD., former Senior
> >FDA Toxicologist)
> > As Recorded in The Congressional Record,
> >August 1, l985
> >
> > The late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, former senior FDA toxicologist, stated in
> >his testimony before Congress, "Beyond a shadow of a doubt, aspartame
> >triggers brain tumors" and, "therefore, by allowing aspartame to be placed
> >on the market, the FDA has violated the Delaney Amendment". In fact, his
> >last words to Congress were: "And if the FDA violates its own law, who is
> >left to protect the public?" These words have been repeated hundreds of
> >times in numerous publications and talks. Read Dr. Adrian Gross' letters
> >to Senator Metzenbaum on <>, listing
> all the brain tumors
> >caused by aspartame. Read the "Bressler Report", and the FDA's own
> >internal audit on aspartame and the 92 adverse medical symptoms caused by
> >aspartame, on <>
> >
> > The testimony of the late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, former senior FDA
> >toxicologist, may be found at <> as
> recorded in The
> >Congressional Record (SID835:August 1, l985). Dr. Gross, who took part in
> >on-site investigations at Searle laboratories, said the studies carried
> >out by Searle to show the safety of aspartame were "to a large extent
> >unreliable." He said: "at least one of those studies has established
> >beyond any reasonable doubt that aspartame is capable of inducing brain
> >tumors in experimental animals and that this ... is of extremely high
> >significance." Congressional Record SID835: 131 August 1, l985
> >
> > Dr.Gross also testified that because aspartame was capable of producing
> >brain tumors and brain cancer, the FDA should not have been able to set an
> >allowable daily intake of the substance at any level. In view of these
> >indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter
> >that had been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask:
> >What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this
> >food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and
> >Cosmetic Act?" As I sat next to a former FDA investigator in Houston,
> >Texas, as a guest on the ABC owned Channel 13, on the Top Rated "Debra
> >Duncan Show", the host asked that very question of him. His reply was:
> >"Money! There are billions of dollars in revenues at stake in the sale of
> >aspartame, and the people who sell it are making many billions of dollars."
> >
> > So, as usual, it's all about money and greed, over the lives of the
> >innocent who are sick and dying, so that a few rich "cancer-mongers" can
> >and have become even richer. And the irony of it is that, as in my case,
> >the innocent think they are "improving their health" by drinking diet
> >drinks and sweetning their foods (unknowingly) with the deadly cancer and
> >tumor producing neurotoxin, aspartame (NutraSweet & Equal) which causes
> >brain tumors and cancer.
> >
> > The manufacturer of Nutrasweet (Searle) admitted in their own internal
> >reports (see <> for the full report),
> as published in The
> >Congressional Record at SID835:131, that "they had to consider complete
> >conversion to DKP". In fact, they said "if they told the FDA this fact,
> >the FDA wouldn't approve aspartame". "DKP" is diketopiperazine, the brain
> >tumor agent. Sounds like the tobacco fraud all over again, doesn't it?
> >But this time, it's the drug industry, and it's big. When the class
> >actions hit, and they will, I predict that they will rival the tobacco
> >litigation we have seen in the past few years.
> >
> > The aspartame manufacturer (now Monsanto, which bought aspartame from
> >Searle) has a a lot of political influence, and when the FDA Director
> >refused to allow aspartame on the market, he was replaced by one who
> >would, and did, although the FDA had previously asked the U.S. Department
> >of Justice to investigate the manufacturer (Searle) for fraud and deceit
> >in concealing tests and results which showed that aspartame caused brain
> >tumors, cancer, grand mal seizures, and a total of 92 adverse medical
> >and physical symptoms, including blindness and death. The U.S. Attorney
> >who was asked to investigate Searle, failed to do so, but accepted a
> >position with the Monsanto Corporation's (which purchased the rights to
> >aspartame) defense firm, and the statute of limitations expired. He was
> >aware of the approaching deadline. This is all a matter of record, and can
> >be found on the website <>
> >
> > The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer
> >causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony Dr. Gross asked,
> >"Given the (cancer causing potential of aspartame, aka" NutraSweet" &
> >"Equal") how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain
> >amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe'
> >level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a
> >'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And
> >if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the
> >health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835: 131 August 1, l985 .
> >
> > All the documents showing brain tumors, of course, are on
> <>
> > including Dr. Olney's update and Dr. H.J. Robert's (selected "The Best
> >Doctor in the United States" in the 1980's) peer reviewed paper on
> >aspartame and brain tumors. Dr. Roberts once told Betty Martini, founder
> >of Mission Possible International that brain lymphoma was once very rare
> >but since aspartame was introduced, it is projected to be the third most
> >common brain tumor. The rats used in aspartame studies developed
> >astrocytomas and pituitary adenomas . A five stage astrocytoma is a
> >glioblastoma, the rapidly spreading malignant brain tumor that is
> >escalating in the population.
> >
> > In December, l996, "60 Minutes" aired an expose on aspartame, and stated
> >that research shows that the recent high rise in brain tumors in the
> >United States is in direct proportion to the introduction of aspartame
> >("Nutrasweet" and "Equal") on the market, and the rise in its use by
> >American consumers in food and drinks since the FDA allowed it's
> >introduction into food and drinks in l981.
> >
> > We need to warn the public about the established reports and public
> >records on the dangers of the deadly neurotoxin "aspartame", and that
> >aspartame (aka "Nutrasweet" and "Equal" breaks down to a brain tumor
> >agent, diketopiperazine ("DKP").
> >
> > James Bowen, M.D. wrote in an article entitled "Aspartame Murders
> >Infants":
> > "As it breaks down, aspartame creates "DKP", diketopiperazine, and with
> >the intact aspartame molecule you have the two greatest brain tumor
> >carcinogens discovered by science thus far responsible for the massive
> >brain tumor epidemic we now witness. The methylated aspartyl
> > radicals, such as the N-methylD aspartyl radical et al, are recognized
> >as causative of about every known neurodegenerative disease."
> >
> > John Olney, M.D., who is one of the most famous neuroscientists in the
> >world today, and who founded the field of neuroscience known as
> >"excitotoxicity", agrees with H.J.Roberts, M.D., who wrote the peer
> >reviewed research found at <> on
> aspartame and brain tumors.
> >Dr. H.J.Roberts was selected in the l980's as, "The Best Doctor In the
> >United States".
> >
> > In his often referenced book, "Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills",
> >Healthpress (l994),
> > Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., discusses the brain tumor and
> >aspartame connection. He is frequently heard and seen over radio and TV,
> >warning the world of the dangerous neurotoxin, aspartame. Dr. Blaylock is
> >highly respected in the field of neurosurgery as one of the best, and his
> >book is highly recommended reading. It is available in bookstores and on
> ><>
> >
> > In his book, at page 214, Dr. Russell Blaylock makes this statemet:
> >"It is estimated that over 100 million people drink aspartame sweetened
> >drinks, including a large percentage of children. In my opinion,
> >aspartame should be banned from foods and drinks until this issue has
> >been properly studied by independent researchers in the neuro-oncology
> >field."
> >
> >
> > Yes, "The Thing Speaks For Itself"
> > "Res Ipsa
> >Loquitor"
> >
> >
> > Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.(Retired)
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> > For additional information, and a listing of books by well recognized
> >authorities (M.D.'s and PhD's) who support their findings with hundreds of
> >irrefutable scientific and medical studies, see the following Aspartame
> >Awareness Websites:
> >
> > <> (The Major
> Website Medically Documenting The
> >Dangers of Aspartame)
> > <>
> >
> > <>
> >
> >
> > "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you
> >mad." Aldous Huxley
> > (A worldly version of
> >the Biblical quote)
> >
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> -----
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: Betty Martini
> <<>>
> > To: David Emery
> <<>>
> > Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 11:30 AM
> > Subject: Urban Legends Misinformation on Aspartame and Title 18, Section
> >1001 of the Law
> >
> > Dear David, This is one of the people who have stumbled who went back to
> >using NutraSweet because you told him the whole issue was a hoax. I
> >consider premeditated misinformation since you know beyond a shadow of a
> >doubt that I lectured for the World Environmental Conference, have written
> >you many times, and you have been on
> <> and sent the
> >invitation for me to speak. You know aspartame is not a hoax. It has now
> >been declared a world plague. Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text which
> >will be released shortly has a chapter on every problem written in the
> >original email that made world news including a chapter on Desert Storm
> >Syndrome.
> >
> > This man could have died getting back on aspartame. As you can tell
> >from his note, since he has so many aspartame problems, it has almost
> >destroyed his life. Title 18, Section 1001, says you cannot mislead the
> >public. You have shamelessly mislead the public on the aspartame issue
> >since the post made world news in l998. You have been written to
> >repeatedly by many people and still refused to remove the false
> >information your site.
> >
> > So by copy of this note, I am sending this to Robert's attorneys as well
> >as the Justice Department. You are put on notice if anybody dies as this
> >man could have because of your misinformation you will have to take full
> >responsibility.
> >
> > Betty Martini, Founder Mission Possible International
> <>
> >From: "Robert To: "Betty Martini"
> <<>>
> Cc:
> >"Bob Mehl" <rc Subject:
> > General Information Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 14:38:52 -0400 X-Mailer:
> >Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4522.1200 citbannA.gif My 14, 2001 Dear
> >Betty:
> > I'm literally exhausted! I've been on the internet researching the
> >"dorway" site for HOURS and at this point .. I'm so OVERloaded with
> >information that I can't handle the intake. Will shut down everything for
> >a couple of hours, including myself .. and get a rest. BUT, before I do,
> >I wanted to thank YOU for your call last night and for the Website
> >information you sent me. When I opened it this morning, I had no idea
> >what I was in for.
> > What a treasure chest of facts!
> > Somewhere during my travels through the website today .. I read a short
> >note about the owner of UrbanLegends. THAT statement astounded me! I
> >have always considered him to be MY personal contact to verify whether an
> >incoming e-mail is fact, hoax, or genuine virus. It never occurred to me
> >NOT to believe him .. and yes, I was one of those who, a couple of years
> >ago, HAD been sent information about Aspertame .. got very involved for a
> >brief time .. but then found that it was a "hoax" .. when I checked it
> >out (for some un-remembered reason...) with Again, for
> >some unknown reason, though I don't know the gentleman at all .. I chose
> >to believe his statement.
> > A BIT of medical history ... I was placed on a feeding tube in January
> >of
> > 1999 (?...much research my records to be sure) ... and until February
> >of THIS year,
> > 2001, 90% of my ingestion was via the tube. WITH it, and my Juice Plus
> >.. and lots of home made vegetable soups put through the food processor
> >so I could "shoot it down my tube" .. I gained some 35 pounds I'd lost
> >because of the paralysis I am left with in my esophagus. This was caused
> >by nerve damage either done BY the Emory doctor during the surgery, or
> >because of the tumor itself. I believe I told you .. before the tumor
> >was removed .. I had already "irretrievably" lost my right vocal cord. I
> >am able to speak today thanks to the miracles that a Dr. Michael J.
> >Koriwchak performed on me at St.
> > Joseph's .. CORRECTING a total of FOUR SEPARATE surgical attempts by
> >Emory doctors to give me back a voice AND to "re-place my paralyzed soft
> >palate in the correct position". Dr. "K" did both ... each in one
> >simple surgical procedure, and the voice you heard last night is the
> >result of an implant/prosthesis which, in conjunction with my still
> >healthy left cord .. creates my current voice. I can no longer sing (and
> >I loved to sing!
> > In my youth, I sang with the N. Y.
> > Opera) ... but I am SO GRATEFUL for what I DO have that I don't have
> >time (or inclination) to worry about what I no longer have.
> >DEPT.
> >
> >(CT SCAN)."
> >
> >
> >
> >and was .. AM very pleased to be able to swallow again, albeit with a lot
> >of choking and coughing. I'm told that "as the damaged nerves regenerate,
> >I should realize less and less choking/coughing".
> > After the tube was removed, I found myself having to take my Juice Plus
> >fruit and vegetable capsule POWDER by mixing it with my Thyroid medication
> >.. and it was BITTER. SO, I added refined sugar .. then thought about
> >THAT for a day or so and since diabetes runs in my family (but I don't
> >have it) .. decided to go and buy NutraSweet.
> > Since February I've been ingesting four packets of NutraSweet three
> >times a day with medications/Juice Plus capsule POWDER. I began going
> >straight downhill, medically ..
> > but it never occurred to me that NutraSweet might be involved!! I was
> >TOLD .. after major blood was drawn and sent to the lab that the results
> >showed my T factor to be "greater than 1:640: High Danger is considered
> >to be 1:40". I was immediately sent to a specialist/Rheumatologist at
> >near the Gwinnett Medical Center. Her name is Dr. Cynthia
> >Lawrence-Elliott and she specializes ONLY in autoimmune diseases ..
> >including Lupus, FMS, Arthritis, etc. During my initial exam she drew
> >more blood but told me she was sure I also now have:
> > 1) Sleroderma (C R E S T variety)
> > 2) Sjogren's Syndrome
> > 3) Raynaud's Phenomenon As it turned out, when the lab reports came
> >back .. I DO have the above three and in her opinion, my Lupus had come
> >out of remission...bringing with it the three above new autoimmune
> >diseases .. all treatable, but all INcurable." I'm now taking additional
> >medications I can ill afford .. but that's life.
> >
> > In MY opinion, the Lupus (it had been in remission since March of 1993)
> > probably came back in February, after I'd begun taking the NutraSweet!
> >...
> > that is .. that's my opinion now that I've read a lot of the material
> >in the Website you sent.
> >
> > SO - here I am .. LOOKING great (or so I'm told .. hurting all over ..
> > but that's nothing new for me, and wondering what I'm to do with the
> >rest of my life? I've been trying to find work now for the last year ..
> >and have managed only one interview ..
> > but never heard back. I have a fine Sales/Marketing/Administrative
> >background .. a fine updated Resume with References and Salary History,
> >but it might just as well all be made of air!
> >
> > I've only recently been put on the trail of a program called The
> >Medicine Program and I've applied for help in getting my prescriptions
> >free. Right now they're costing me $405.00 a month. I live on a Social
> >Security DISABILTY income check of $1241.00 a month, and that is ALL I
> >have left to my name after these last 9 years of medical challenges. I
> >spent 7 of the last 9 years WITHOUT ANY MEDICAL INSURANCE .. but was
> >finally granted SSD and along with it, after an additional years' wait ..
> > Of course, Medicare has no prescription drug coverage. And so - I am
> >living in a comfortable paid for double wide mobile home a beautiful
> >community .. with wonderful, loving and giving neighbors and I am
> >blessed! More to the point .. I KNOW I am blessed. I manage to squeek
> >by each month by adding sums to my MasterCard (thanks especially to the
> >newest rounds of prescription drugs which, yes, includes both Celebrex
> >(two a day) and Prevacid (THREE a day). With my current automobile (10
> >years old) problems ... I now have had to charge $892.33 on my MasterCard
> >just to get my car back from the garage. With 138,000 miles on it ..
> >things just normally begin happening .. and in my case, they've all begun
> >falling apart about the same time I did! This has NOT been a happy time
> >since February! I owe .. I owe .. it's off to work I go .. I WISH I
> >could sing THAT one! I was forced into personal bankruptcy last Fall ..
> >owing over $18,000.00 as a result of medical bills, surgeries,
> >prescription drugs, etc., when I finally ran out of my own funds and
> >retirment stocks/bonds. An embarassing way to live .. but it beats the
> >alternative!
> >
> > I will get back onto the Website tonight .. or perhaps tomorrow .. and
> >try to find that link where I can connect to the lawyers you mention. I
> >wasn't able to EASILY find it the first go around, and at this point, I'm
> >to tired to go back in and search for it. Today, that is.
> >
> > I'd love to meet you someday .. to find out more about your crusade in
> >this direction ..
> > but in the meantime, I send you BLESSINGS for all you are .. to so
> >many! Love and light to you and your family ...
> >
> > Bob Mehl (770) 831-1508
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
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