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Please help Bentley come home

I recently had vacation plans to visit family in Florida, which took place..
I arranged to have Bentley boarded, but thought perhaps the Ex wouldnt mind keeping him for a week.
Because she has refused on previous offers, I didnt really expect her to handle it, and I gave her a kennel, and a friends telephone number, plus $200 (to handle whatever expenses), his dish, food, leash, tie-out chain, dog bisquits etc., were provided to her.. as well as a recently recorded video tape for them to watch..  (just a niceity).... than   
While in Florida I was blindsided with a horror story...
The doggsitter (my almost-but not soon enough) ex-wife decided to "keep Bentley", my dog... MY DOG!
The EX now has a boyfriend that can do the things  she NEVER did for Bentley, like walk, feed, groom,etc. and they decided "why get a puppie when we can TAKE Bentley legally".... Jim or Paul, George or Ringo, whatever his name is "Loves Bentley and we aren't giving him back!" He has a GREAT home here!" she told me.(I think alittle tooo much faith is goin into this one!)
As you can tell I am not exactly pleased with her decision, and am going full bore into legal action. Hopefully I can withstand the financial burden this will put on me, but if you know me, you know how much Bentley is a major part of my life.
I sorely miss him, and pray he is getting cared for like he is used too.
Good grief, Im sure they havent brushed him.
LEGAL DOGNAPPING.. because Bentley was acquired during our marrage he is considered communal property, and the only way I can get him back is thru the courts. The police wouldn't get involved because its domestic...   soooo Bombs away .as they say    CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES


Bentley has been away for 3 weeks and I really miss him. Its amazing the attachment one gets to their pet(s), only to be truely experienced with a move such as this...
As of St.Patricks day-
the filing for divorce, and a motion to get Bentley back  are now executed... here goes big bucks.... however it is more than this attrocity that will cross the judges money will be spent wisely..


Got a call at 10:30 last night from Nancy.. told me Bentley had "run away" last saturday, and she moved out of the boyfriends home on sunday.    Personally Im not buying it. She wouldnt give me her current address, so  the sheriff will have a tough time serving her divorce papers.  I have to go into "snoop" mode, hire a PI or something and get this rectified pronto....  naturally there will be more to follow...

update 3/29
The weeks been very quiet,with nothing new to report (as far as Bentleys safe keeping goes).. as I said earlier the legal process is now taking place, and all I can do is pray all works out for the best.

LAST UPDATE- April 25th
Ok nothing new, I don't have Bentley back, the woman insists she lost him, however I can't verify that.
Its in the hands of my attorney and we go from here.
I hope to god Bentley is safe somewhere in a loving home.....
 Any home at this point.

Any help, suggestions, or support on this please email me at: